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MyQ® Control Panel

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Gone are the days of wondering if you put the door down or worrying over the kids forgetting their keys.

Now, any LiftMaster® garage door opener manufactured since 1998 can be controlled with your smartphone, tablet or computer thanks to the new 888LM MyQ® Control Panel (when paired with the 828LM LiftMaster® Internet Gateway, sold separately).

MyQ® technology enables you to manage, monitor and control everything from your garage door opener to lights and beyond  anytime, and from anywhere. It also allows for simple programming of new MyQ® Accessories and Security+ 2.0™ remote controls and keyless entry products and features Timer-to-Close, that automatically closes the garage door after a pre-programmed number of minutes making it easy if you have your hands full.

You can also purchase the MyQ® Control Panel and the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway together in the MyQ® Package.

  • Turns opener lights on/off from inside the garage
  • Equipped with a 150º sensing angle
  • On/Off switch for deactivation of motion-detecting function
  • Adjustable light timer lets you set when you want the opener lights to go out after closing or opening the garage door (pre-set at 4 1/2 minutes)
  • Timer-to-Close feature allows the door to automatically close after a pre-programmed number of minutes
  • Easily program remote controls and MyQ® enabled accessories directly from the control panel
  • LiftMaster® Internet Gateway accessory required (sold separately) to utilize MyQ® functionality


  • Locks out all outside remote control signals while you're away
  • Motion detector automatically turns on garage door opener lights when movement is sensed

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Rating for 19675

Smooth upgrade

9/27/2013 12:00:00 AM I just upgraded the 78LM panel on my house's 2004 Liftmaster 2265R) to the 888LM MyQ panel. The wiring color code and wire attachment is the same as the old panel. Even the mounting hole spacing is the same. It took me longer to get out and put away the ladder to unplug and plug the power from the opener than to change panels. The new Secutiry+2.0 and MyQ devices program to the new panel, so no more climbing the ladder to push the learn button for that! One thing that wasn't clear to me, that I checked with support about first, is that your old remotes and keypads will still work via the original opener. So, if you have a lot of panels and remotes you don't have to replace them all at once. I wish every upgrade went this smooth. Seriously, I'm an engineer and a tech guy, and it seems nothing works as simple as described, but this did.

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