Universal Keyless Entry

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Universal Keyless Entry

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If you need to replace a damaged or non-functioning keyless entry, or just want to complement your existing garage access system, the LiftMaster® Universal Keyless Entry is the perfect single-source solution. It is designed to work with a variety of brands of garage door openers to give you convenient, secure access to your garage and home. And as with all our LiftMaster products, delivers the latest technology in security, convenience, and performance.
  • Completely wireless – powered by one 9-volt battery (included)
  • Single manufacturer/single frequency design – you pick the manufacturer and frequency for the garage door you want to open
  • Weatherproof slide-up protective cover
  • Backlit keypad makes numbers easy to see, even in the dark
  • Easy to program 
  • 1-year limited warranty

Compatible with the following brands:
  • Genie®
  • Linear/Moore-o-Matic®
  • Stanley®
  • Overhead Door®
  • Wayne-Dalton®
  • Craftsman®
  • Chamberlain®
  • LiftMaster®
  • 300/310/315/372/390 MHz compatible

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Overall Rating: Rating for 8121

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Rating for 8121


11/3/2012 12:00:00 AM I purchased this product to replace Model66LM which we have had for approximately 20 years. I still have the installations instructions for this model. They are simply and straight to the point to understand. The installation instructions for the new Lift-Master Model 387LM are NOT very clean for the average person to understand. The instructions make reference to :your first DIP switch must be set to the "-" position on your remote and the opener." However they do not show you how to set these numbers on the opener! One is left wondering. A simple diagram first of all to indicate where these numbers are located in the opener would be most benefical and how they are to be accessed! The instructions leave one wondering. Does that mean that I have to open up the opener? The instructions are NOT user friendly!. It appears that I may have to get a service tech to install the Wireless Keyless Entry. What a shame?

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Great Tech Support

6/24/2013 12:00:00 AM I have an old 1200 series Liftmaster garage door opener and was not sure if this keypad was compatible. I contacted tech support and was told that it was. The support person explained how to program it and emailed the instructions to me. When it came to installing it, it was a breeze! There are no dip switches to set on the keypad. The instructions show that some garage door openers have dip switches that may need to be adjusted. Mine just had a green button on it, so I was able to skip that step. The keypad looks great and works flawlessly.

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Universal Keyless Entry 387LM

5/8/2014 12:00:00 AM Easy to set up. No problems. Good product. Please note: You can only enter one code pn the 387LM, even if you have 2 garage doors.

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