Remote Light Control

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Remote Light Control

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Using the Remote Light Control & Remote Light Switch Accessory
Lights on. Lights off. The LiftMaster® Remote Light Control lets you control your home lighting in three ways: with  your garage door opener remote control, your garage door opener (it mimics the garage door opener work lights), or from your smartphone or computer via the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway accessory.
  • Operate any lamp using your garage door opener remote control, or via the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway using your smartphone or computer
  • Expand lighting in your garage to work with the garage door opener work lights by programming directly into your garage door opener
  • Control plugs into any interior wall outlet
  • Can be used with any lamp that utilizes incandescent, fluorescent or LED light bulbs up to 600 watts maximum
  • Compatible only with LiftMaster® Security+2.0™ garage door openers, Security+2.0™ remote controls and accessories enabled by MyQ® technology

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Overall Rating: Rating for 9569

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Rating for 9569

Very necessary

9/12/2013 12:00:00 AM I bought both this Remote Light Control, 825LM and the Remote Light Switch, 823LM and received them today. The remote light switch was an absolute breeze to setup and sync with the car remote and MY Q. I have yet to install the Light Switch because I have 4 switches to replace with the paddle switches to cause them to match. (Wife must like it) Having the ability to turn on lamps from anywhere is a huge benefit. Coming home to a dark house is not safe. I carry a firearm most of the time and find lighting my home before I enter very satisfying. Added to the rest of the security in the home, lighting our way in is awesome.

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