Manufacturing Process
Nogales: An Investment In The Future

Chamberlain® has been in Mexico for over 20 years. With the opening of our Nogales plant in 1990, we achieved greater cost-efficiency by consolidating five different manufacturing operations under one roof. We also have invested in several advanced electronics manufacturing technologies, making it a world-class facility and the most advanced facility ever designed for the manufacture of garage door openers and access systems.

Investing in our employees is also key. We have an ongoing program of recruiting high quality employees for our Nogales facility, and have the highest retention rate among our manufacturing peers. Chamberlain provides an on-site daycare center for all of our employees as well as continuing education at the University of Arizona for engineering graduates of Mexican schools.

Quality Development
A new product idea begins with a concept and rough design parameters. As a consumer products manufacturer with a reputation for reliability, our next step is intense product testing. Engineering's goal through all testing is to eliminate failure and maximize product performance and dependability.

In the case of garage door openers, we not only test the unit as a whole, but every single component. The test procedures include exploring every aspect of a product's application to identify and correct any possible design weaknesses. Garage door openers are run on a 35-second cycle, non-stop, for three weeks or 25,000 cycles. This is the equivalent of 15 years of normal use.

Chamberlain's Quality Policy
The quality mission of The Chamberlain Group, Inc. is to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing exceptional products and services. We put quality at the forefront of everything we do, understanding that each of us is accountable and committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and achieving quality objectives. We will always provide training, processes and systems that insure compliance with quality requirements and produce customer satisfaction. As a testament to our commitment to quality, Chamberlain has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. Chamberlain's scope of registration: Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Distribution of residential or commercial door and gate operators, accessories, and access control systems.

Designing for the Future
Engineering is also involved in advanced development through applied research, such as evaluating new materials and concepts, and analyzing developments in technology. This is yet another reason why LiftMaster® is able to continually market products that meet the high standards of quality and safety, which our customers demand.

Investing in New Technology Systems
In 2011, we implemented a new warehouse and transportation management system – PkMS– at all our distribution centers. We have also upgraded our ERP system and infrastructure to the SAP business enterprise system in early 2012. These upgrades will enable us to streamline our internal operations which will help ensure that you receive the best and most efficient service possible.