LiftMaster Is Making Safety A Priority!

With the latest revision to the UL325 code regarding commercial door operators, the current line of LiftMaster® commercial operators have been upgraded to require either "constant pressure to close" or to include a primary monitored entrapment protection device. While many of you may have current commercial operators that are working or may require some service, there is now a legitimate reason for you to replace or upgrade that current operator to a new "safer" unit for the protection of your customers and/or your employees.

To help get you up-to-date on the latest safety standards, LiftMaster® has created several tools.

Commercial Door Operators & UL325-2010 Compliance Brochure
This brochure not only informs you of the recent changes to the UL325 code, but illustrates the additional benefits you will receive when you upgrade your older machine to a new LiftMaster® Logic 4.0 operator.

» UL325-2010 compliance brochure

Commercial Door & Operator Safety Checklist
Both a US and Canadian version is available. Each includes site planning ideas and safety checklists that can be used to perform a free safety check-up on your equipment. While there on site, review the safety inspection as see it as an introduction to the subject of UL325 and the current safety requirement of the updated code. 

» US safety checklist
» CA safety checklist 

Dealer Locator  LiftMaster wants you to enjoy the convenience and security of your automated commercial door operator system. This is why we encourage you to utilize our Dealer Locator to find a LiftMaster dealer near you. 

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