With an updated, sleek exterior, the new LiftMaster® Elite Series® 8550 and Premium Series 8360 garage door openers are redefining home access. The new feature-rich units have an improved radio system and are equipped with MyQ® technology  a patented two-way communication system that allows the units to open and close the garage door and manage other household devices from anywhere in the world. They also offer many other features that take security and convenience to a whole new level. Watch our video and read more below to learn more.

watch our new product introductory video

1. These new garage door openers can do more than just open and close the garage door

The new LiftMaster® 8550 and 8360 garage door openers have built-in MyQ® technology that enables you to operate the garage door or turn house lights on or off from anywhere in the world all using a smartphone or computer. This offers you a new level of home activation as opposed to an expensive, hardwired home automation system.

2. Reliable Battery Backup System is now available in a chain drive
If you're a chain drive loyalist or have heavy carriage-house or solid wood doors that may need steady performance and lifting power to open, the Battery Backup System now comes in Premium Series model 8360.

3. Security+2.0™ technology eliminates radio intereference and guards against code theft
This enhanced radio performance has twice the radio range and communicates with the garage door opener in different frequencies, virtually eliminating interference. It also uses a different code every time the remote control is used, guarding against code theft, ensuring your home, family and belongings are safe and secure.

4. Timer-to-Close feature ensures the garage door is never left open by accident
Now you can have the garage door automatically close after a pre-programmed number of minutes – ideal if your hands are full or you are unloading the car. This gives you added peace-of-mind for you and your family, ensuring the largest door to your home closes behind you. This feature requires the Motion-Detecting Control Panel with Timer-to-Close or the Smart Control Panel®. 

Battery Backup  Integrated Battery Backup 
Both openers feature a reliable integrated Battery Backup System that ensures the garage door opener, as well as the safety and security features, will continue to work, even when the power is out. That is added peace-of-mind for you and your family, as the garage door is often the main source of entry for many homeowners. And if you live in an area with frequent storms, you know how important it is to be able to access your home when you need to. And now, the Battery Backup system is also available in a chain drive in Premium Series model 8360.

MyQ  What is MyQ® Technology and Why Is It Special? 
Built-in revolutionary MyQ® technology has the ability to communicate, manage and activate other MyQ® enabled devices in the home. This gives you greater control and security – you can open or close the garage door or gate, or turn on or off lights using your smartphone or computer  from anywhere in the world! The LiftMaster® Internet Gateway accessory (model 828LM) is required to utilize this feature.

LiftMaster MyQ® Enabled Accessories  LiftMaster MyQ Enabled Accessories 

828LM  LiftMaster® Internet Gateway (828LM) 
Monitors and controls the garage door opener or home lights from anywhere in the world by using a smartphone or computer.
829LM  Garage and Gate Monitor (829LM) 
Monitors and closes the garage door or gate from any room in the house.
825LM  Remote Light Control (825LM)
Operates home lighting with the garage door opener remote control or smartphone via the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway.
823LM  Remote Light Switch (823LM)
Replaces any single light switch, allowing control of the lights remotely by using the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway or garage door opener remote control.

 Other New LiftMaster Accessories Other NEW LiftMaster® Accessories 

LiftMaster® has also introduced several other accessories to go with its new line of garage door openers. Among them are several new remote controls, wall control panels and keyless entry systems. Please read below for more information on product compatibility.

880LM  Smart Control Panel® (880LM) 
Gives you complete control with its intuitive menu-driven panel that lets you easily program remote controls, adjust settings, and even get system diagnostics. Also features Timer-to-Close feature and Maintenance Alert System to help keep your system in peak working order.
886LM  Motion-Detecting Control Panel with Timer-to-Close (886LM) 
Lights the way automatically by turning on the garage door opener lights as soon as you walk in, so there's no more fumbling in a dark garage. (881LM Motion-Detecting Control Panel also available.)
 877MAX Wireless Keyless Entry System (877MAX)
Lets you open or close your garage door without using a remote control or key ideal if you often have friends or servicepeople who need access to your home. Plus, it works with all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since 1993. (877LM Wireless Keyless Enty System also available.)
895MAX  3-Button Premium Remote Control (895MAX)
Operates up to three garage door openers or gate operators, or MyQ® enabled light accessories. Bright blue LED buttons make night operation easy, and built-in MyQ® enabled technology lets you turn on house lights right from your car. Plus, it's compatible with all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since 1993.
890MAX 3-Button Mini Remote Control (890MAX)
Miniature version of 895MAX remote control. Small enough to fit on a keychain, or right in your purse or pocket, and can operate 3 garage door openers or gate operators, or MyQ® enabled light accessories. Plus, it's compatible with all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since 1993.
893MAX 3-Button Remote Control (893MAX)
Operates up to three garage door openers or gate operators, or MyQ® enabled light accessories. Plus, it's compatible with all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since 1993. (893LM and 891LM also available.)

Accessory Compatibility  Accessory Compatibility 

All MAX products are compatible with Security+2.0™ garage door openers and accessories enabled by MyQ® technology AND all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since January 1993. This improved backwards-compatibility makes it easier to decide which additional accessories will work with your system.

All other new LiftMaster® accessories work only with LiftMaster® Security+2.0™ garage door openers.