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Tiffany Brooks HGTV Smart Home 2016 Designer

Throughout the year, we are welcoming celebrity bloggers to talk to you about stories in their lives and in their home. Today we are excited to welcome HGTV Smart Home 2016 designer and host Tiffany Brooks.
So I’m Tiffany Brooks, working mom, interior design business owner and I often rescue chairs on the side of the road.
I know it’s totally silly…totally stupid…but they are like my strays. If I’m riding past a garage sale and I see a chair for $20 and all it needs is a little TLC and little bit love and maybe some reupholstery, I’m pulling over, putting that chair on my back and popping it on the back of my truck.
My garage (I should say half of my garage) has accumulated to these chair strays that I like to call them, that’s just waiting for the perfect fabric, the perfect paint color, the perfect stain finish to be brought back to new again.
And in my garage is where they all live, all living peacefully together, I put all of my chairs. I sometimes will put a stray table or another piece of furniture, but it’s mainly the chairs that I am showing some loving on.
Once I find that perfect piece of fabric, that stain color or that paint color that I want to try that is so on trend right now, I go and pluck out that chair, refinish it, clean it up and place it for sale in our interior design studio waiting for that perfect new owner to rescue it from the street, into my garage and into my studio.
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Watch Tiffany and the premiere of the HGTV Smart Home 2016 on HGTV on April 18. 

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