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Back to School: Essential Parent Tips for You and Your Kids

Parents who play an active role in their children’s education make a huge difference in their success.
Here are a few tips to help you and your kids prepare and be ready for the new school year.  
Set up a bedtime and wake up routine in advance
Establish bedtimes and wake-up times a week or two in advance of the start of school. By the time the first school bell rings, kids will already be on the right sleeping schedule and it will be one less worry for your family.


Get to know your kids’ teachers
Ask your kids about the teachers they will have this year and talk about what they are looking forward to. Attend upcoming open houses, orientations and other parent/teacher meet-and-greets. At the very least, send an introductory email introducing yourself and wishing them a great year.
Plan your kids lunches and snacks
The better you plan out the meals in your home, the healthier choices you will make for your kids. When you pack protein-rich snacks and lunches, balanced with fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome items, you ensure that your children will have the energy and brainpower to make it through their school days.
Create a calendar of kids’ schedule
What after school and weekend activities will your kids be participating in this season? Write down all of their practices, meetings and events on a calendar so you are all on the same page about everyone’s schedule.


Monitor when your kids come home
Know when your kids come home with the LiftMaster Door and Gate Monitor. Enabled with MyQ Technology, you can monitor, open or close your gate or garage door from any room in the house.


Organize closet and clothing
Take advantage of the slower pace during your time away from school to set up for the busy school year ahead. Go through your kids’ closet with them and determine what they do and don’t wear anymore. Donate clothing that your kids have outgrown, and then help them organize what is left. From there, decide what items you may need more of before school begins.

Update medical records
Most schools will let you know if your shot records are out of date, but why not go beyond that? Make sure teachers and administrators have a complete list of any medical concerns regarding your kids, including allergies. You will also want to be sure that all emergency contacts are up to date.

What advice do you have for parents and kids as they head back to school? Comment below and share on social!

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