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Kasey Kahne Reflects on His Garage Firsts

Throughout the year, we are welcoming guest and celebrity bloggers to share stories with you about their lives and homes. Today we are excited to welcome Hendrick Motorsports No. 5 driver Kasey Kahne.


The first time I went into the garage was in Daytona, and I met Dale Jarrett. It was my first time at a NASCAR race and it was really cool to see some of the drivers walking around and meet some of them.


The next time I was back at Daytona racing at the 500 I met Ricky Carmichael and his wife, which was pretty cool for me because I was a huge Ricky Carmichael fan. So I would say over the years I’ve met great people in the garage. There’s a lot of people walking through, a lot of fans walking through who you meet throughout time. Other than that it is just about working on your car, being prepared, working with your team and communicating over the weekends.

My first memory of working in the garage would be with my dad. We had a two-car garage away from our house, and that’s where he kept the Sprint car. He had different drivers race for him when I was little and growing up. So just learning about the Sprint car and learning about those things. We had a tractor in there so he’s trying to teach me about that as well. 

When I started racing I had my mini sprint in that garage, and that’s where I, myself, my cousin and my brother would work on all of our cars as kids growing up and wanting to race.

The best experiences for me working on cars as a kid was just learning.

I didn’t know you had to learn from someone to understand what you’re working on. So I had my dad and my cousin who was usually ahead of me in learning things so he helped me as well, and then we would teach my brother as he was going through. So it was all about learning about parts and pieces and how to put things together.

What are your best memories working in the garage? Share with us by commenting below or messaging our Facebook page!

Watch Kasey Kahne race in the Bojangles Southern 500 this weekend!

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