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LiftMaster Spring Break Tips

Your flights are booked and bags are packed. Spring Break is finally here! You have planned the perfect trip, but have you prepared your home for vacation? Read these five tips for ensuring an easy return home after vacation.

PostedOn:3/22/2016 1:57:05 PM | Tags: Garage Tips, MyQ Garage, Security+ 2.0, Spring Break

LiftMaster Garage Tool Peg BoardHave you ever walked into your garage, looked around and thought, “How did I get so much junk in here?” We know all about the garage and how it can quickly get filled with everyday life items. Check out this list of ways to take back your garage and use it for more than storage.

PostedOn:3/22/2016 1:10:46 PM | Tags: Garage Storage, Garage Tips, MyQ Garage, Organization

LiftMaster Dream Garage Pinterest ContestWhen you find yourself looking at videos and images of garage doors and spaces and think to yourself, “I want to spruce up my garage like that,” you know it’s time to get moving. What garages have you seen that have sparked a few ideas? Share pictures of your inspiration.

PostedOn:3/22/2016 3:44:27 PM | Tags: 8550W, Contest, Dream Garage, Pinterest


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