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10 Reasons to Turn Your Spare Room Into a Rec Room

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz

Pingpong, pool and foosball — what’s not to love? Games offer screen-free entertainment, bring the whole family together and make parties more fun. If you have a lot of space, you can knock yourself out with a full-fledged rec room, but if you need more of a rec corner, consider adding a pingpong net to a seldom-used dining table or hanging a dart board on a basement wall. There are lots of reasons to create a place for more fun in the house. Here are 10.
Game Rooms: Carve Out a Place for Fun

Lisa Michael Interiors, original photo on Houzz
1. A rec room is perfect for parties. Love to entertain? Pool, pingpong and foosball make excellent icebreakers. Keep the mood lively with oversize signage on the wall, a colorful rug and quirky accessories.
2. A rec room is a vacation house bonus. Having a room dedicated to fun is a huge plus for any vacation home — or any house that needs a little extra boost in the entertainment department. It’s where you’ll find everyone congregating after a day at the beach or when the rain is coming down.

lisa rubenstein - real rooms design, original photo on Houzz

3. A rec room can be elegant. Ink-blue walls, Tom Dixon pendant lights and velvet  upholstery? So long, avocado-green shag carpeting — the rec rooms of today can be as elegant as you like.
4. A rec room can be fun for the whole family. Cards, board games, table tennis or (if you choose to add one) a TV to watch the game — in a rec room, there’s something for everyone. To make the most of the space, select furnishings that are soft and portable, so you can rearrange things to suit the activity.

 Digs Design Company, original photo on Houzz
5. A rec room can be unexpected. If you have a large kitchen table and your family rarely uses the formal dining room, why not transform the dining room into something else? With a crystal chandelier, antique chairs, and framed nautical charts and silhouette art on the walls, this rec room feels almost formal — but so much more fun than a stuffy dining room.
6. A rec room provides cheap entertainment. You can keep boredom at bay without always resorting to pricey outings and activities when you have built-in entertainment at home. A cheerful, colorful rec room stocked with snacks  and a variety of games can keep everyone busy for hours.

 threshold interiors, original photo on Houzz
7. A rec room can be fresh and modern. Who says pingpong tables have to be drab? To boost the style quotient, you could have a table made (like the gorgeous custom version shown here) or even spruce up a plain pingpong table with a DIY paint job.
8. A rec room can be simple. If you have a spare room and want to set it up in a flash, it’s possible to put together a rec room with all the essentials over a weekend, without spending a fortune. Search Craigslist or garage sales for a pool table, pingpong table, foosball table or shuffleboard set on the cheap, and pick up a big map to provide wall decor. Scour your home for spare chairs and tables, and invite some friends over — you’ve got yourself a rec room.
9. A rec room can be part-time. Don’t have a whole room to spare? No worries, there are still plenty of ways to squeeze some rec room fun into your existing layout. You could add a table tennis net to the dining table, stock your cabinets with board games or even hang up a dart board — just be sure to protect your wall with a corkboard behind the bull’s-eye, or use a magnetic dart set.

Rikki Snyder, original photo on Houzz
10. A rec room can be whatever you want it to be. A cozy library of floor-to-ceiling books with a classic billiards table in the middle? Sure! It’s your rec room, to furnish as you see fit.

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