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8 Reasons Why Homegating is Better Than Tailgating

If you haven’t heard the term “homegating” yet, it’s time to get it in your vocabulary.
Homegating is tailgating in the comfort of your own home. And while tailgating is an American pastime, dating back to 1869, 70 percent of fans say that they prefer to homegate rather than tailgate for their favorite team.
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Here are eight reasons why homegating in your garage is the best play in the book this season.
You can spread out as much as you want
When you’re in the comfort of owning your own space, you can spread out as much as you want. Setting up tables, chairs, televisions, games and decorations is flexible based on the size of your garage and driveway.

Full kitchen access
When you homegate, ice machines, ovens and the fridge are only steps away. While most of your homegate cooking will probably take place on the grill, side dishes, snacks and drinks do not have to be packed up or stored in containers to be used or opened an hour or more later. You have the best of both worlds!
Watch multiple games as once
When you’re tailgating, you ultimately end up watching one game. When you homegate, you can watch many games at once. Set up multiple televisions with different games on each of them.
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Homegating lasts longer
When you tailgate, you are stuck with a timeline that is dependent on game time. You are forced to pack up your things well before kickoff to make your way to the stadium, even if you didn’t get a chance to finish your hamburger or pulled pork sandwich (insert sad face).
When you homegate, the party leads up directly to kickoff and lasts all four quarters. And for the real homegaters, it lasts through the next game and until the last down is played for the day.

Avoid stadium irks
Speaking of heading to the stadium; while homegating doesn’t quite provide the views of the stadium, there are many perks of avoiding it. You don’t have to pay for parking; you don’t have to pay eight dollars for one hot dog; you don’t have to sit in traffic to or from the game. 

Less set up and take down
When you have everything within a few steps of each other, the set up and take down process of your homegate is smooth and simple. Do without lugging tables and chairs around, filling and dumping out a large cooler or packing up food into travel containers, and instead enjoy having everything you need and storage in your home and garage.

Bad weather? No problem!
And then think about if you do pack up your tables and chairs, fill up your cooler and prep mounds of food for the day only to have it be storming outside when you go to set up your tailgate. Mood changed!
But when you homegate, simply move all the set up inside the garage and still enjoy the best of the day through every down of the game.  
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One word: bathroom
Finally, when you’re homegating, there is never a reason to wait in a long line to use a portable bathroom.

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