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Creating a Quiet Home Begins in the Garage

LiftMaster® products minimize noise to build optimal home environments

OAK BROOK, IL, April 11, 2017 – According to the National Sleep Foundation, 74 percent of people report that they need a quiet atmosphere to get a good night’s sleep[i]. But with a noisy garage door opener, there is increased cause for disturbance and sleep disruption. LiftMaster®, the number one brand of professionally installed garage door openers and access solutions, has developed unique, quiet garage door openers to diminish excess noise and help homeowners get the rest they need.
The technology necessary to produce functionally quiet garage door openers has advanced greatly in the last decade. One of the top reasons people call a LiftMaster Dealer to replace their working garage door opener is a noise disturbance – a prevalent issue for homes with family members who work odd hours, individuals who have a bedroom above or adjacent to the garage, as well as households with infants. To reduce the noises that are often associated with a garage door opener more than ten years old, both LiftMaster Elite Series belt drive and wall mount garage door openers offer a solution.
“LiftMaster is dedicated to improving the lives of homeowners through our industry-leading innovations that help create a quiet home environment,” said John Villanueva, Vice President and General Manager, Residential Access Solutions. “Upgrading an outdated, noisy garage door opener for one of LiftMaster’s belt drive or wall mount models, which are virtually silent, ensures a more quiet and relaxing setting for all members of the household.”
Belt-drive garage door openers, which feature a steel-reinforced rubber belt, eliminate the vibrations and noises associated with older chain drive models, resulting in a quiet garage door opener. Models such as LiftMaster’s Elite Series 8550W, feature a DC motor belt system, which delivers powerful, quiet performance. Separately, wall mount garage door openers, which hang on the wall next to the garage door, run ultra-quiet by eliminating sound and vibrations through the ceiling. Wall mounted quiet garage door opener models, such as LiftMaster’s Elite Series 8500, also free up ceiling space in the garage, providing homeowners with additional storage options to reduce clutter. Visit the quiet garage door openers page to learn about all the different low noise garage door opener models available from LiftMaster.
Properly lubricating your garage door system also helps to eliminate noises and unwanted squeaks. Every few months, apply a small amount of silicon lubricant to the door rollers, bearings, and hinges to keep your door running smoothly. If noise continues to persist, contact your local LiftMaster Dealer. 
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