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MyQ and EVE MyQ and EVE

Wherever your Tesla takes you, stay connected to home

By connecting MyQ® to EVEConnect on the EVE Tesla in-dash touchscreen experience, you can now integrate your connected garage door and smart lighting device to your Tesla Model S or Model X.


MyQ and EVE for Tesla

Tesla drivers now have convenient, touchscreen access to MyQ smart-home features. By integrating MyQ technology to EVEConnect, Tesla owners with MyQ-enabled garage door openers are able to conveniently monitor and control their garage door from anywhere. Drivers also can receive a promt to open their garage door when their vehicle enters a predetermined area in proximity to their home.

Check on your garage door status through EVEConnect, giving you timely information at your fingertips.

With the power of MyQ you can illuminate your home when you need it the most, even when you're away.

Link your MyQ account to EVEConnect, EVE for Tesla's Premium Membership, today! The integration is available through monthly or yearly paid subscriptions.

Start your 30-day free trial now. For questions go to,

MyQ and EVE for Tesla

MyQ and EVE for Tesla

Adding technology and smartphone control to virtually any brand of garage door opener is easy. All you need is the right MyAccessory



Features and Benefits of Linking MyQ® to EVE for Tesla

Linking MyQ to EVEConnect, EVE for Tesla’s Premium Membership, enables you to check status and control your MyQ-connected garage door and smarthome lighting from your Tesla in-dash touchscreen.

Tesla drivers also can receive a prompt to open their garage door when their vehicle enters a predetermined geofenced area.

Setting up Home Automation Scenes

Once you’ve linked MyQ with EVEConnect, you can set up Scenes

  • Automatically close your garage door as you leave home
  • Receive a prompt to open your garage door as you arrive home

EVE for Tesla is a premium MyQ service. The cost is $1.00 a month or $10.00 a year. You can cancel at any time. See How to cancel or unsubscribe to your premium MyQ subscription.

FAQs MyQ® + EVE for Tesla’s EVEConnect

Linking MyQ to Eve for Tesla’s EVEConnect via the Tesla in-dash touchscreen requires monthly or yearly subscriptions to link these services. To link your MyQ account to your EveConnect interface, you’ll need both a MyQ-connected garage door opener, a MyQ account and an EVEConnect premium membership account.

In the MyQ app

  1. Click on the menu buttons in the upper left corner
  2. Select Partners or Account, then Account Linking
  3. Once in Account Linking, swipe to Eve for Tesla
  4. Click Launch Website and log in or create an account

On the Eve for Tesla Website

  1. Launch the Eve for Tesla Website
  2. Select EVECONNECT
  3. Scroll to the bottom and look for MyQ
  4. Select Setup
  5. Select Authenticate on MyQ
  6. Enter your MyQ login credentials


When waiting for authentication, if the link does not go through, click on the vertical 3-button (vertical ellipsis) menu on the top right corner and select Open in Chrome, then enter in your MyQ login credentials.

How to set up your Eve for Tesla MyQ subscription

  1. After authenticating, click Open MyQ Marketplace, or go to
  2. Enter your MyQ login credentials and select Authenticate
  4. Choose Eve for Tesla
  5. Select a billing cycle, monthly or annual
  6. Enter billing information and select PLACE ORDER
Subscription is now active and can be used in the EVEConnect web app to operate the MyQ enabled Garage Door Opener. The subscription can be cancelled at any time. See: How to cancel or unsubscribe to your premium MyQ subscription

How to set up a Scene to automate your garage door

  1. Click Return to EVE for Tesla from the marketplace, or go to
  2. Select the garage door you wish to use in scenes
  3. Click Back to Home Automation.
  4. Locate the MyQ shortcut dropdown for Leaving Home
  5. Select the drop down for Close My Garage Door
  6. Locate the drop down for Arriving Home
  7. Select the drop down for Open My Garage Door


When your Arriving Home scene activates, it will display a prompt to confirm before opening your door.

Using EVE to control your MyQ devices

  1. In your Tesla, open the browser and navigate to
  2. Enter in your EVEConnect credentials and select Log In
  3. Upon login, you will be presented with any set up scenes
  4. Tap a scene to activate the scene
  5. Tap the Lightbulb icon in the upper right to view your garage door opener or lights
  6. Tap the garage door or light icons to control each device individually

Download the MyQ App

Have peace of mind and experience the power of garage and home access from anywhere.

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