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MyQ and Nest give you live garage viewing

Your garage is the gateway to your home. While MyQ has always alerted users to garage door activity via smart phone push notifications, with a Nest Cam in the garage, you can now view a live video feed from the garage, or any other room, and receive notifications when motion is detected, all from the MyQ app.

MyQ lets you keep an eye on coming and going activities of your home, and with the Nest Cam you can easily and conveniently see what’s happening at home when you’re not there. Through account linking MyQ and Nest Cam bring added safety, security and peace of mind to your family – from anywhere. Great for people with valuable items in the garage, families with kids who may be home alone, or those who travel frequently.

Nest cam

From within the MyQ app, you can now

Nest 1

Launch Video
Launch a live video feed from the garage or any other room

Nest alert

Receive Alerts
Receive MyQ alerts and time-lapsed video clips* when Nest Cam detects motion

Nest history

View History
View Nest Cam Event History

MyQ works with Nest

MyQ gives you access to your home, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door, from anywhere. As a Works with Nest product, MyQ allows you enhanced control of your Nest Cam and Nest Learning Thermostat from within the MyQ app, presenting a suite of connected home products that give you even more awareness, security, comfort and peace of mind.

works with nest

LiftMaster and the Nest Thermostat

LiftMaster has been a Works with Nest partner since 2014 and integrates seamlessly with the Nest Learning Thermostat. MyQ allows you to easily and quickly set you Nest Learning Thermostat to “Home” and “Away” modes from within the MyQ app. As a MyQ user, when you open your garage door upon arriving home, you can set your thermostat to “Home” mode. When you are not at home, you can set the thermostat to “Away” mode so you don’t waste energy heating or cooling an empty home.

LiftMaster and Nest

Download the MyQ App

Have peace of mind and experience the power of garage and home access from anywhere.


Download the Nest App

Account Linking and control your garage door and Nest devices from one place.


*Requires Nest Aware subscription
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