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Designing for a Spike in Perimeter Security

The challenges of designing a multi-unit residential, commercial or institutional access system become much more complex when client requirements include higher levels of perimeter security. The need for a higher level of security comes into play when a breach creates potential for impact on revenue, data protection or the well-being of tenants, employees or visitors.

Motorized Traffic Solutions

Auto dealerships and high-end retail operations risk financial loss if stolen vehicles or inventory can easily exit the property. Similarly, parking lots at airports and elsewhere require safeguards to keep cars from leaving until fees are paid.

At thousands of military installations, government facilities, and businesses dealing with proprietary data and information, screening of driver credentials and/or physical inspection are essential for vehicles entering or leaving the property. And an increasing percentage of clients, including infrastructure applications like water treatment plants, will be highly sensitive to the unpredictable specter of terrorism, which creates an exponential increase in the threat level to property and people.

When dealing with high-security applications, your objective is to recommend access solutions that deter and prevent unauthorized vehicle ingress and/or egress. At the same time, your design must permit legitimate, credentialed traffic to move smoothly into, within and out of the property, without damage to vehicles.

Gates, doors and barrier arms offer varying degrees of effectiveness for obstructing a vehicle’s path, with or without the human factor of having security personnel on duty at key entry/exit points. And, a wide array of access control products, including keypads credentialed cards and readers can be specified to identify and authorize access to legitimate traffic.

For an effective level of perimeter security, however, a formidable deterrent can be configured that combines these and other access products with traffic spike systems designed to disable unauthorized vehicles by puncturing tires.

Traffic spikes are often sold as part of a “barrier gate and spike” system. Depending on the application, spike systems can be specified that include a combination of the following features.

  • One-way or two-way operation – Selection of spike system “directionality” will depend on whether the traffic lane is designed to handle both vehicle ingress and egress.
  • Motorized or Non-Motorized/Manual – Motorized spike systems should be specified if traffic is monitored and spike operation controlled by security personnel, or by a keypad, card reader or other access control system. Non-motorized/manual systems are intended for applications where “credentialing” is not a factor.
  • Flush-Mount or Surface-Mount – In addition to protection provided by spikes, a surface-mount system provides a “speed bump” to help limit vehicle velocity entering or leaving the property. A flush-mount system permits smoother, uninterrupted traffic flow. An example of where flush-mount may be preferable is an exit from a gated community or commercial facility, where it is not considered necessary to dramatically limit resident vehicles’ speed.

High Security + Quality = LiftMaster®

Any client that approves an access system that is fully-loaded for security will also be extremely concerned about high quality and reliable products. When a system controls an entrance or exit for a property, it is imperative that traffic continues to flow at the desired rate; downtime is simply not an option.

When your client’s property requires the strongest security measures and the best quality, look to LiftMaster. The superiority of LiftMaster engineering and construction will give your clients peace of mind, ensuring that unwanted traffic cannot not pass, while legitimate visitors will come and go easily, without damage to their vehicles, and without interruptions in service.

Have questions about LiftMaster solutions for multi-family and mixed-use properties? Reach out to your Architect Specialist at Specs@LiftMaster.com or call 630-993-6569.

To learn more about complete access solutions, visit LiftMaster.com.