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Veteran specification writer, Billy Mathis, of TAGGART offers his top three criteria for specifying access control.

USE A RESPECTED BRAND – Using a trusted brand is the most important element when selecting a product. “Where possible, we like to use a known manufacturer to shortcut any issues,” Mathis stated. “One becomes a trusted manufacturer in two basic ways. First, you put out a solid product that is backed and you provide information when needed. Second, you assist us even when the project is a bid or under construction and another manufacturer slips in, your company does not walk away from us, the designers.”

LOOK FOR PRODUCT FEATURES UNIQUE TO THE APPLICATION – Each project is different and the features needed vary, so don’t choose a one-size fits all product when there are customizable choices. It’s also important to Mathis that when any questions regarding application arise that he can contact the manufacturer to receive support and information. “When we have contacted our local representatives they have been exceptionally responsive and helpful.”

access control selection

CONSIDER TOTAL COST – The competitive market has always been a brutal arena for architects and specifiers. Cost is a consideration and is most always an issue related to the bid. But the total cost vs. the features you get always has to be considered. “Bang for the buck is what we look for here, and LiftMaster has usually come through for us. My customers are looking for durability, strength, that you back your warranty, and that you have product recognition within the market, and LiftMaster provides all of the above.”

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