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Every second counts, which is why the last thing Batallion Chief, Jeff Marciniak, and his team of firefighters needs are problems getting people and equipment out of the fire station safely and quickly when an emergency call comes. Although Jeff’s OakBrook, Illinois Village Fire Department in suburban Chicago had an impressive “turnout time” of just over a minute in 2014, he’s always striving to shave off another few critical seconds, while maintaining a high level of safety for his team. To help Jeff, he’s having upgraded commercial operators and security devices from LiftMaster installed on his bay doors, which he believes will provide that additional few seconds of savings in an emergency.

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“Our personnel is our greatest asset, and their safety and security is what matters the most so they can do their jobs effectively,” Marciniak stated. In the next few weeks, OakBrook Village Fire Department will be outfitted with new LiftMaster commercial door operators, safety eye sensors, push button stations and traffic lights, which allow them to know immediately when their equipment is able to safely clear the bay door to avoid costly accidents – a not so uncommon problem to firefighters.

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Jeff and his team will be able to operate their doors remotely with LiftMaster’s MyQ® technology. Notifications will appear on their smartphones if a door was left open and with a tap of a button they can close it anytime, anywhere. This feature is not only important in guarding their facility against theft or damage of very expensive life-saving equipment, but it is also advantageous during the cold winter season - if a door is left open it can be closed instantly to ensure energy savings.

In response to these concerns, more architects are specifying LiftMaster products as the solution for maximum efficiency and safety in firehouses. Barry Liss, Fire Chief of OakBrook Fire Department, said “This is the perfect solution for us, especially when we leave the station to respond to a call, to know that the doors are closed. For me, it’s peace of mind.” Liss was also very eager to automate his doors. “If we can get out the door quicker and more efficiently to respond to an emergency, that’s key.”

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