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Homeowners and Installers Absorb All That Solar Offers to Power and Protect Property



OAK BROOK, Ill. September 13, 2017 — As discussions and policies mature around the usage of solar energy and its growing position in the power grid, homeowners and commercial property owners are continuing to show their eagerness to adopt and invest in solar technology.

Solar power’s proliferation can be seen both in and around the home. In fact, over the past six years, rooftop solar panel installations have seen explosive growth — as much as 900 percent by one estimate.[1] In 2016 alone, according to SEIA,[2] the number of new solar power panels installed worldwide increased by about 50 percent, reaching 76 gigawatts. Outside the home, solar-powered gate operators have also been on the fast-track to adoption for end-users, architects, landscape designers, home security experts and perimeter access control experts.

Having a solar-powered gate access point means there is no need to dig up the driveway and landscaping to run new power lines, oftentimes saving the property owner $3,000 - $10,000 on average in incremental costs to run electrical to the installation and the monthly utility costs to power it. Some larger commercial properties that require electrical could be more than $25,000 just to run power.

LiftMaster, the leader in home access solutions and a pioneer in solar gate operator technology, carries a family of solar-powered gate access systems that are extremely energy efficient. With a LiftMaster solar-powered gate access system, power is delivered to the operator and any system accessories only when needed for operation, which minimizes battery power consumption and ensures gate operation is safe at all times.

These innovative solar gate operators from LiftMaster are also supported by an eco-driven, 30% federal tax credit. Extended through 2021, U.S. residents who opt for a solar-powered gate access system are presented with the opportunity to apply for a 30 percent tax credit on the total installed cost. In addition, today’s solar gate operators also offer connectivity, which lets users always know if their gate is open or closed and enables them to operate it from anywhere with a smartphone.

“We are working every day to meet the demand of our network of professional dealers who are specifying more and more sophisticated and sought-after solar-powered gate operators. The popularity of our solar-powered gate access systems keeps us investing in more solar technology product development so we can continue to provide in-demand solutions for all access points within and around the home and beyond,” stated Jackie Lorenty, LiftMaster, VP/GM Perimeter Access Solutions.

The LiftMaster portfolio of solar gate operators includes residential models, such as the LA500PKGU, LA412PKGU, LA400PKGU RSW12U and RSL12U as well as rugged, heavy-duty commercial solar gate operators CSW24U, CSL24U.

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[2]Business Insider, 2017


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