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Smart Home Pack Offer

With purchase and professional installation of select Wi-FI® garage door openers.



Receive a free Smart Home Pack with purchase and professional installation of select Wi-Fi® garage door openers and myQ® account activation. Select garage door opener models include WLED, 8500W, 8550WLB, 8355W, 85503 and 8360WLB.

Offer good through May, 29 2020

Locate A Dealer

Locating a Dealer to Buy and Install

When finding a dealer

When you find the garage door opener you’d like to have installed, you will need to go through our certified dealer nework and contact them and set the order up through them.

How do I get a receipt?

This will be provided to you from the dealer you chose to install one of our products.

Participating models

Receive two accessories when activating a myQ account after purchase and professional installation of Wi-Fi-enabled Garage Door Opener Models 8500W, WLED, 8550WLB, 8360WLB, 85503, and 8355W.

Which free accessories are included?

You'll receive two free light controls (Model 825LM) and one free garage door monitor (Model 829LM).

Ready to Redeem?

Offer good through May 29, 2020.