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Free cloud storage for reliable data sharing and backups.
• Modernized user interface with intuitive views.
• Menu driven software is based on user’s role (Administrator or Standard User).
• Software can be loaded to Windows based PC.
• Ability to bulk load and delete credentials.
• Provides Standard Users the ability to latch and unlatch doors.
• Remote programming with multiple users (utilizes Cloud Storage).
• Service Mode allows Administrators to check out databases, ensuring data synchronization between multiple users.

Versa group

Simple to Use Free Cloud Storage

Versa XS 4.0 Software provides two convenient options for storing your databases, Cloud Storage or local PC (Stand-Alone). Take advantage of the Free LiftMaster Cloud Storage option to get the fullest user experience by following these easy steps.

Download latest version of Versa XS 4.0 from here and register.*

Import or create your data and send it to your EL System.

A backup of your system data is created in the Cloud.

Mulitple authorized users are now able to access a copy of that same data from the Cloud.

Make additional updates, send them back to the EL System, and another backup is created.

cloud storage

• Cloud Storage is for use on one or more computers, data is backed up online automatically. An Internet connection is required to use this storage option.

• Stand-Alone Storage is for use on a single computer. Data is stored on a computer’s hard drive. No Internet connection required.

• All computers used for programming will communicate with the EL System via an analog modem.

* To update existing Versa software versions or to change the selected storage option in your 4.0 database, user must uninstall and reinstall Versa XS 4.0. Property data will not be lost.

Modernized User Interface

• Built-in reminders, warnings and automation ensures that your backups are ALWAYS created when edits are sent to the EL System.

• Click on the Help icon helpicon for further explanations of the features specific to the screen you are viewing.

• Personalize the names of your doors or gates for ease of identification.


User Roles

• Administrators register on the login page and have full control of system data and configuration. The Administrator creates Standard Users (example: Property Manager) and assigns the Standard User to a property.

• Standard Users will have a simplified view that provides the ability to create and edit property data.

• Intuitive views, defined by user role, streamline everyday user needs to quickly update information for your property.


Operating System Compatibility

Versa XS 4.0 is compatible with:
• Windows 10
• Windows 8.1 
• Windows 8 – 32bit, Windows 8 – 64 bit
• Windows 7 – 32 bit and 64 bit

• Windows Vista - 32 bit
• Windows XP Home - 32 bit, Windows XP Professional
SP3 - 32 bit
• Not compatible with Apple iOS systems
Modem Compatibility
• Analog modem - standard baud rate 14.4 Kbps

Product Family Compatibility


EL2000 – Multi-Tenant Telephone Entry System

Featuring an LCD screen and capable of accepting up
to 2,000 flexible codes, this system is ideal for gated
communities, office parks and commercial sites.


EL25 – Single/Multi-Tenant Telephone Entry System

Designed for private residences, yet powerful enough for commercial applications. The EL25 also accepts up to 2,000 flexible codes, making it ideal for virtually any


Menu Driven Software

EL25 and EL2000SS database files created with previous versions of Versa XS are fully compatible with Versa XS 4.0. To update existing Versa software versions, user must uninstall and reinstall Versa XS 4.0. Property data will not be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers you are looking for to the most common questions about Versa XS 4.0

Technical Support

> For technical support contact

> Visit for dozens of support and troubleshooting videos available to watch anytime --- and more being added every month.


*** We recommend you download with Google Chrome or Firefox if you experience issues with Internet Explorer.

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