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Specifically engineered to meet the low clearance needs of apartment houses and condominiums, the HCT delivers unsurpassed safety, dependability and quiet operation.

All LiftMaster Openers and Operators should be purchased through a Dealer and professionally installed.


Designed for installation in even the tightest applications and at only 8 inches high it’s up to 10 inches shorter than other overhead operators
  • Supports overhead gate lengths of up to 12 ft.
  • Features a continuous Duty AC ½ HP High-Cycle motor.
  • Controls the speed of your door with a Gear Reduction Ratio of 40:1.
  • Motor Drive
  • Shuts the motor off after it reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds with the Digital Motor Protection.
  • Prevents noise and absorbs vibration with heavy-duty rubber Noise Isolators.
  • Offers smooth-gliding operation on 6 UGMW rollers.
  • Runs diagnostics easier with LED indicators and add loop detectors to the Advanced OmniControl™ Board.
  • Applies Open/Close/Stop functions with the standard three-push-button control station. Controls with one, two and three buttons are available.
  • Controls the power to the board with a Power Input On/Off Switch.
  • Alternate Outputs
  • Automatically close the door with Timer-To-Close (programmable in 1-second or 15-second increments).
  • Includes a #41 Black Oxide Chain.
  • Access your facility quickly and safely with Security+ 2.0® Technology, which virtually eliminates interference and offers up to 2X the range of standard remotes.
  • Store up to 90 remotes with the built-In 850LM Security+ 2.0® receiver.
  • Receive notification of a malfunction with the Safety Alarm.
  • Close your door in a power failure with the Key Release .
  • Protect vehicles from damage with the Electronic Reversing Device that stops, reverses and stops again if it comes in contact with a vehicle.
  • Disperse surges from lighting strikes up to 100 amps with Spike Suppressors.
  • Supports Optional LiftMaster Elite Series Plug-in Loop Detector.
  • Compliant to all UL 325 standards for Class I, II, III and IV.


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