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MyQ Accessories

Monitor and control your business from anywhere with MyQ-Enabled Accessories.

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Why MyQ

MyQ Technology offers intelligent communication that allows you to access, activate and monitor your Commercial Gate or Door Operator.


Receive alerts on a smartphone, tablet or computer when a Commercial Door or Gate opens or closes.


Operate Commercial Doors, Gates and lights using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Grant Access

You no longer need to be at your business to provide access to an employee or vendor.

What is MyQ Technology?

MyQ Technology offers secure access via a smartphone or the Internet to your Gate or Door Operator, letting you monitor and control your Gate Operator or other MyQ Accessory from anywhere. You can receive alerts when your gate opens and closes, or even if it remains open after a time duration set by you. You'll also have the ability to control your gate remotely to give access to those who need it - even if you aren't on the premises.

MyQ Technology

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