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Mini Universal Garage Door Opener
Mini Universal Garage Door Opener

Consumers get $10 off

Our new Mini Universal Remote makes it easy to get in and out—it can fit in a pocket or clip to a backpack, and will work with most garage door openers.

Enter code MINI10 at checkout.

Offer valid 10/2/17 - 11/28/17




Giving Access to Someone You Trust

Let a nanny, neighbor or friend access the home without giving out a garage key code or house key.


Biking, Walking the Dog or
Taking a Spin on Your Motorcycle

Easily clip it to a backpack, water bottle or leash during quick trips out of the house.


Letting the Kids in After School

Ensure that kids get inside safely when no one’s home — they can attach it to their backpacks or a key chain.

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