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UL 325-2010 Statement

LiftMaster® is Fully Compliant with UL 325-2010

For us, it's not really a mandate… we've always been dedicated to the highest safety standards.


Is compliance with UL 325-2010 a law?

No, but it is a LiftMaster® regulatory requirement necessary for a commercial door operator to be UL Listed and bear the UL Label.

What is the main impact on commercial door installations?

All commercial door operators bearing the UL Label must continuously monitor safety devices such as photo sensors and sensing edges, otherwise the operator must be limited to constant-pressure-to-close operation.

How will this be monitored?

All manufacturers of a UL Listed and UL Labeled commercial door operator are subject to quarterly inspections at their factory by UL inspectors to insure that the operator being manufactured is in compliance with its listing.

At a jobsite, the local authority having jurisdiction (LAHJ), such as a state, municipal or local building inspector, fire marshal, code enforcement official, etc., has the ultimate responsibility of insuring the safety of the building occupants by making certain that all aspects of the project meet appropriate and applicable codes. The LAHJ is the final decision-maker regarding the project and can reject any product that is not UL Listed or UL Labeled and demand that non-compliant products be replaced.

What about repairs to older operators ... is this allowed?

Yes, repairs to operators that comply with previous versions of UL325 are still permitted, without the need to upgrade. The new standard took effect on August 29, 2010 and it is not retroactive. However, upgrading the installation by replacing the older operator with a new UL 325-2010 compliant operator provides enhanced door safety, reducing the risk of personal injury and/or property damage.

What about operators manufactured prior to August 29, 2010 that I may have in stock?

Operators listed and labeled prior to August 29, 2010 can be sold and installed, provided that they are in stock at a dealer, distributor, or manufacturer’s warehouse. The new provisions of UL325 apply to operators manufactured on or after August 29, 2010.

You've always trusted LiftMaster® to provide you with the right opener for any application…Now trust us to insure approval during a project's final inspection.

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