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Case Studies: Connecting Businesses to Automated Technology

LiftMaster®, the number one brand of professionally installed garage door openers, commercial door operators and access solutions, is bringing solutions to businesses through connected commercial door automation technology. Our Energy Saving Solution is one example of how we are helping reduce energy costs, improve employee safety, reduce maintenance expenses, and add security for businesses.

The LiftMaster Energy Saving Solutions is an innovative commercial door operator and control system that helps manage and control any cold storage facility as well as support Food Safety Modernization Act guidelines. It increases dock efficiency, consistently controlling temperature and saving wear and tear on AC cooling equipment.

The Energy Saving Solutions program involves retrofitting dock doors adjacent to refrigerated warehouse spaces to reduce the infiltration of outside air and reduce energy consumption of a facility’s refrigeration system. By installing automated door operators with an internet-connected door management system to automatically close dock doors, businesses can make huge strides towards ensuring a safe work environment that also optimizes energy efficiency.

“LiftMaster has partnered with various businesses to bring new and innovative access and security solutions to the marketplace,” said John Villanueva, Vice President of Marketing. “We have been able to deliver the latest in technology, safety, and convenience to businesses that ultimately improve their bottom line.”