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Access Management in Multi-Unit Projects.

Architects designing an integrated access system for a multi-unit residential or commercial property must address the needs of the primary stakeholders. The main concerns for residents, employees and guests are:

  • A safe, secure environment
  • Ease of entry and exit
  • Pedestrian or vehicular traffic

For property managers, the priorities are:

  • Fast, easy and versatile system programming and operation
  • Assured convenience
  • Peace of mind for residents

Architects face many complex challenges to successfully serve all these stakeholder needs when designing properties with access through multiple entry points.

Drawbacks of Multi-Unit Living in the Past

Considering the shortcomings of older access systems heightens the appeal of technologies that are now available. Most “legacy” technologies are confusing and vulnerable to human error. Building personnel, including IT specialists, have long been required to invest excessive hours on data management, and troubleshooting has been difficult and extremely time-consuming. In addition, many managers have found it necessary to have staff on site 24/7 to keep vehicular and foot traffic flowing smoothly.

LiftMaster® has overcome these issues with a comprehensive matrix of access solutions for multi-unit buildings. We provide multiple options for managing multiple access points and vehicular traffic flow. Our industry-leading solutions have evolved through constant consultation and collaboration with architects, property managers, installers and building residents. We work to understand real-world issues, and proactively meet the need with products that advance the state of the art with the most effective new technologies.

CAPXL – A Connected Solution.

LiftMaster’s CAPXL “Connected Access Portal”, is intuitive, expandable and flexible technology for the future. An internet connection is all that’s needed to bring the CAPXL solution online, delivering a multitude of features and benefits, including:

  • Easy access from anywhere for programming or data management using the LiftMaster Cloud™. The need to have staff on site around the clock is eliminated.
  • Automatic software updates, pushed through the LiftMaster Cloud, eliminating the need for manual downloads or installations.
  • Remote diagnostics that alert managers to issues around the clock. For example, managers will be alerted when an entry code is being overused or if a suspended user is trying to gain access.
  • Multiple-access monitoring and control, covering all vehicular and pedestrian entry and exit points, ensuring traffic flows smoothly.

With CAPXL at the heart of the system, LiftMaster’s unique standing as the industry’s “single source solution” allows architects to build out a connected access system, seamlessly integrated into the physical design of the building. Other LiftMaster access options for multi-unit residential housing include door and gate operators, card readers, keypad access systems and traffic spikes.

Adding Mixed-Use to the Mix

Increasingly, multi-family properties are including mixed-use aspects such as retail and office space to serve residents looking for a live-work-play lifestyle. Mixed-use design can increase a property’s net operating income and makes a property even more of a natural self-supporting ecosystem of business, work and living spaces.

The opportunities of mixed-use properties further complicate an architect’s planning and design challenges in many ways, including access management. In fact, separate systems will probably be required, integrated to maximize ease and security of movement between the residential, retail and business components. Once again, LiftMaster’s one-source selection of access solution can meet every need for mixed-use properties.

Have questions about LiftMaster solutions for multi-family and mixed-use properties? Reach out to your Architect Specialist at Specs@LiftMaster.com or call 630-993-6569.

To learn more about complete access solutions, visit LiftMaster.com.