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LiftMaster Commercial Gate Operator Systems

Driven By Higher Standard
Standards change, but our commitment to you remains. Designing with LiftMaster ensures that all your projects are compliant and clients are safe. Our full line of gate operator systems and monitored safety entrapment protection devices are engineered as a system that meets UL 325 regulations, so you can easily specify the entire solution. We also continuously partner with industry organizations to promote safety for every gate, every application.


When designing a gated community, remember that LiftMaster is the only brand with its own fully integrat- ed line of safety solutions for slide, swing and barrier gate operator systems. We make it simple to specify the systems that both protect and meet the expectations of your clients – right out of the gate.

As the leader in gate safety, we include a LiftMaster Monitored Safety Edge and our new enhanced Retro-Reflective Photo Eye with our gate operators to provide your clients with an advanced start on their safety needs.

Why would we do that?

    Standards. As of August 1, 2018, UL 325 now requires that a gate operator will function only after installation of a minimum of two independent entrapment protection devices in each direction of travel; two in the opening direction and two in the closing direction. LiftMaster Gate Operators also have an inherent force limiting system built in, for additional safety.

    Reliability. Provides 24/7 uptime and environmental versatility for your clients.

    Safety. Reduce liability with a full range of safety devices so you can protect at every entrapment zone.

For detailed information of our line of gate operator systems, visit: https://www.liftmaster.com/for-businesses/total-access-solutions or contact our Architect Specialist at Specs@LiftMaster.com.