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Sound Matters 

When designing a building where an interior residence or office is located near the garage, it is important to protect that space from noise or vibration caused by the normal activity of the garage door operator. To help resolve this issue, LiftMaster has engineered our new HCTDCU Specialty Overhead Operator to reduce these challenges.

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Property managers have been impressed by the significant decrease in noise as well as vibration. “I can’t say enough about the system. Residents have expressed loudly how much they enjoy not hearing the opener. It’s quiet and smooth – I expect it will outlive me! 24/7 uptime means the world to me. Not having to go down and babysit the door means I have time to move on to other projects.” states Karl Rasmussen, Building Chairman, Real Life Cooperative.

Rick Selin Board President, Film Exchange Lofts says, “It’s smooth and quiet. Before we switched, you could watch a glass of water move on the kitchen island above the garage”.

Industry leading ultra-quiet performance is enhanced with a powerful DC motor engineered for over 1 million cycles, combined with a heavy duty commercial gear driven transmission for a smooth start/stop operation. The heavy-duty rubber isolators, combined with polyurethane trolley rollers, make it quiet and smooth.

Not only does this industry leading quiet design elevate your customer’s experience on noise and vibration, but it has also been designed to keep traffic moving efficiently with selectable opening speeds up to 25% faster than standard commercial operators — 8 or 11 inches per second. It has a low 8” profile to fit in the tightest of applications and offers operational efficiencies using 24/7 monitoring and alerts. The smooth start/stop operation also extends the door and hardware life and minimizes the need for repairs. Nonstop access ensures that tenants can always get in and out with up to 112 open/close battery backup cycles, avoiding service calls to close the door when the power is down.

Additional Access management systems can be added to allow tenants easy access for their guests with the IPAC and cloud-based software, or with the EL2000SS Telephone Entry System. Traffic Controls can be incorporated, such as a Red/Green Traffic Light, to signal vehicles at the entrance that they are clear to pass.

Don’t let sounds and vibrations get in the way of function. You can create a lofty, uplifting space that really does offer peace and quiet. The rumblings of the garage below will be a thing of the past with LiftMaster HCTDCU Specialty Overhead Operator.

For additional information, please visit LiftMaster.com or email an architect representative at Specs@LiftMaster.com.