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Auto Service Solutions

Driven To Help Your Business Grow

LiftMaster® understands your primary concern is to provide the highest levels of customer service,
which is why we’ve created solutions specifically for automotive dealerships, repair shops, and quick service facilities.

Enhance Safety and Efficiency

Safe, secure, and efficient, find out how LiftMaster can help keep your business moving forward.

myQ Smart Facility Access

myQ Smart Facility Access is a cloud-based access management software for commercial facilities and residential communities.

  • Real-time data to track goals and manage productivity.
  • Added protection to keep track of your property's activity.
  • Prevent downtime by knowing when maintenance is needed.


Why Motorize Your Commercial Doors?


Reduce Damage

Reduces the opportunity to damage customer vehicles by providing control and safe operation of commercial doors.


Reduce Theft

Assures commercial doors cannot be manually opened from the outside by someone trying to gain access to commit a theft.


Reduce Costs

Increases the life expectancy of the door and reduces service costs associated with ensuring proper operation of commercial doors.

Reduce Injury

Reduces the opportunity for a soft tissue injury, preventing workplace injury claims, loss of time and potential increased insurance premiums.

Remotes & Accessories

Complete your system with accessories that increase safety and efficiency and give you more convenient control.