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Residential Gate Operator Buyer's Guide

Swing or slide, LiftMaster Gate Operators will provide long-lasting operation you can count on, day in and day out. There are a wide variety of automated gate operators with smooth start and stop operations, as well as easy integration with LiftMaster access control technology.

How to Choose a Gate Operator

Consider the following before you buy a gate operator:

  1. Type of gate
  2. Length and weight of the gate
  3. Number of daily and hourly cycles anticipated

Gate Operator Compatibility
The Gate Operator needs to be compatible with the type and size of the gate being used, as well as the projected usage for the entry point. If additional operational features are desired, the operator must be capable of providing those features. Contact a local LiftMaster Dealer for options.

What is the Difference between Commercial and Residential Gate Operators?

Residential Gate Operators

When getting an operator for a residential gate, your requirements will be lighter than for a commercial gate. LiftMaster offers several options that will meet the needs of a residential area, which typically feature lighter gates and require fewer daily cycles.

Commercial Gate Operators

LiftMaster has operators that that will move heavy gates, withstand extreme weather conditions and manage frequent traffic flow. These operators have the muscle and durability to meet the harshest demands.

Remote Gate Controls

LiftMaster offers a full range of remote controls to best fit your application, giving you more control over your door or gate operator.


Swing Gate Operators vs. Slide Gate Operators

Swing Gate Operators

A swing gate swings from a hinge point to clear an entry path for a vehicle. These gates often possess a level of aesthetic appeal and charm, making them popular for residential environments. They are often able to open and close more quickly than a slide gate.

Slide Gate Operators

A slide gate moves back and forth in a straight line to allow vehicular entry. Slide gates require more side room to accommodate the gate in the “Open” position. They are more secure than swing gates but present potential for entrapment and injury to pedestrians and thus generally require more protective safety devices.

Residential Gate Operators FAQ
How to program a gate operator to your car? Faq arrow

Many vehicles have a built-in RF (Radio Frequency) transmitter the driver can easily access. These transmitters can be programmed to the data format that is compatible with a receiver used to activate a gate. In some cases, an additional device may be required to complete this data conversion.

How to open an electric gate manually? Faq arrow

Most gate operators provide some method of switching to a manual mode to enable a user to manually open the gate. The method varies based on the gate operator manufacturer. In a worst-case scenario for a chain drive slide gate, the chain can be detached. For a swing gate, the arm connecting the operator to the gate can be detached.

How to program a gate operator remote? Faq arrow

The method of programming a remote control device to a receiver that can activate a gate opener varies based on the manufacturer of the devices. In most cases there is a “Learn” button or a program step to enable the receiving device to “learn” a transmitter. Refer to your owner’s manual from programming directions.

How to install a slide gate operator? Faq arrow

All slide gate operators require some type of pad that secures the operator as there is a great deal of force exerted when moving the gate. Because there are different types of drive mechanisms for slide gate operators (chain drive, hydraulic rail drive, rack and pinion), the installation process varies. Gate operator installation should be performed by a professional gate operator installer.

How to open an electric gate without power? Faq arrow

All gates require some type of power to open, whether that power is provided from an electrical source or from manual operation. If the desire is to not have to run a high voltage power source to a remote gate, many gate operators can run on solar power with a battery system in the operator.