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Versa XS 4.0 is our new menu-driven software configuration and database management tool for the EL2000SS and EL25 Series Telephone Entry Systems (TES). Versa XS 4.0, a Microsoft Windows-based software application, runs on most Windows personal computers to conveniently and securely configure, manage and update your property’s access control records. 




• Free cloud storage for reliable data sharing and backups.

• Modernized user interface with intuitive views.

• Menu driven software is based on user’s role (Administrator or Standard User).

• Software can be loaded to Windows based PC.

• Ability to bulk load and delete credentials.

• Provides Standard Users the ability to latch and unlatch doors.

• Remote programming with multiple users (utilizes Cloud Storage).

• Service Mode allows Administrators to check out databases, ensuring data synchronization between multiple users.




Modernized User Interface

• Built-in reminders, warnings and automation ensures that your backups are ALWAYS created when edits are sent to the EL System.
• Click on the Help icon for further explanations of the features specific to the screen you are viewing.
• Personalize the names of your doors or gates for ease of identification.

User Roles

• Administrators register on the login page and have full control of system data and configuration. The Administrator creates Standard Users (example: Property Manager) and assigns the Standard User to a property.
• Standard Users will have a simplified view that provides the ability to create and edit property data.
• Intuitive views, defined by user role, streamline everyday user needs to quickly update information for your property.


LiftMaster® Software and Manuals Download

In order to download the software listed below, please left-click on the .exe file you would like. You will then be given a choice to OPEN or SAVE the file. Choose the SAVE option and specify where you would like the file saved on your computer.


 Technical Support

  • For technical support contact 1-800-528-2806
  • Visit LiftMasterTraining.com for dozens of support and troubleshooting videos available to watch anytime --- and more being added every month.