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Help Your Clients Reduce Energy Loss and Save Money with Door Automation

For cold storage facilities, every minute matters when it comes to conserving energy. When a door is left open for one extra minute each day, a warehouse can lose up to $1,103 per year, for three minutes up to $3,309 per year, and for five minutes up to $5,430 per year.

In many refrigerated warehouses, dock doors are opened and closed manually using a pull-rope or by directly pulling on the door. To enable the ease of manual operation of a commercial door, a spring mechanism is needed to counterbalance the door by applying torque, which could cause a "closed" door to drift up, producing an air gap of several inches at the bottom of the “closed” doors. This air gap results in infiltration of outside air and increases cooling load on a facility’s refrigeration/HVAC system, costing business a lot of extra money.

The LiftMaster Energy Saving Solution is an innovative commercial door operator and control system that helps manage and control any cold storage facility as well as support Food Safety Modernization Act guidelines. It increases dock efficiency, consistently controlling temperature and saving wear and tear on AC cooling equipment.

The Energy Saving Solutions involves retrofitting dock doors adjacent to refrigerated warehouse spaces to reduce the infiltration of outside air and reduce energy consumption. By installing automated door operators with an internet-connected door management system to automatically close dock doors, businesses can make huge strides towards ensuring a safe work environment that also optimizes energy efficiency.

The Building & Equipment Specialist at Saladino’s Inc., a food service distributor that delivers the highest quality products and services to their customers states, “With this system, the automatic doors help save energy costs as well as wear and tear costs. Our doors are closed longer, and there is less human error. I would highly recommend this program to all cold storage companies as it eliminates human error, risk of injury to associates, and also locks the doors once they’re closed. Once our associates were fully trained, the new system became routine after a few weeks.”

In addition to saving on energy costs, businesses can also be awarded money in the form of an energy savings rebate.

For additional information email Energysavings@LiftMaster.com.