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Growing Number of Builder Partnerships with Manufacturers Create Turn-Key Smart Homes

As smart home demand grows, builders have begun to pair up with smart home system providers to bring move-in-ready connected homes to market.

By Lauren Shanesy
Consumers are becoming more and more interested in smart home products but sometimes don't know which systems or products to pick. With growing demand for home automation and technology, builders across the country have begun to partner with smart home system manufacturers to outfit new homes with smart-ready systems, like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Tio. Here, five home building companies that have engaged in such partnerships told BUILDER why these partnerships matter to their business and to future homeowners:
Brookfield Residential + Amazon

We collaborated with Amazon because they are at the forefront of a revolution in the way we live in our homes. The technology is ready to use on day one, and it’s ready to adapt to new innovations as they arrive.”

—Robert Hubbell, president, Brookfield Residential’s Washington, D.C., division
—Read more about this collaboration here
Lennar Corp. + Apple
“We live in a wireless world, but the vast majority of existing homes simply don’t, and can’t, meet people’s needs without a tremendous amount of expense and headache. ... Lennar makes the wireless home an affordable reality.”
—David Kaiserman, president, Lennar Ventures
LifeStyle Homes + TiO
“Our market is densely populated with engineers who appreciate and seek the latest technological advances in their homes. What's great about TiO is its simplicity. It allows LifeStyle to deliver a flexible and easy-to-use, all-in-one smart home solution.”
-Tom Mueller, junior chief, LifeStyle Homes
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KB Home + Apple
"The Apple HomeKit app delivers a simple and secure way to manage compatible home automation products in one place, allowing homeowners to connect and control their environment whether at home or away.”
- Jacob Atalla, vice-president sustainability, KB Home
Shenandoah Homes + TiO
"Home automation is quickly becoming a top priority for buyers and a feature they will come to expect in any new home. Compared to other home automation companies, TiO has a feature rich platform that is both cost effective and reliable while being easily customizable to all buyer levels.”
- David Stallings, president and owner, Shenandoah Homes
Read more about this collaboration here.
This article was originally published by Builder magazine on February 28, 2017. 

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