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Smart Home Tips from a Pro

Home technology is changing the way consumers interact with their homes.

By Jennifer Goodman
Demand for home technology is increasing as Americans seek out ways to make their life at home personalized, entertaining, comfortable, luxurious, and safe.
Home tech professionals are well versed in creating solutions that cater to homeowners’ needs and enhance their lifestyles. They work hand-in-hand with builders to ensure that a home is wired and ready for the technology that the homeowner may want today or wants to plan for in the future. Here, BUILDER talks with Vincent Bruno, CEO of CEDIA, an Indianapolis-based association of home technology manufacturers, designers, and providers.
What is CEDIA?
CEDIA is the leading global authority in the $14 billion home technology industry. CEDIA is the international trade association for 3,500 member companies that represents every facet of the ever-evolving home technology market.
CEDIA and our members can be valuable resources and partners for builders, helping them establish familiarity and comfort with home technology and understand the value it brings not only to the project but to the homeowner.
What challenges do builders face with home technology?
Many builders have the following three fears: 1) Home technology will devour my budget and take profits away 2) Home technology breaks easily – what do I do if my client calls me in the middle of the night to come and fix their TV? and 3) Home technology is out of date as soon as it is installed.
These fears are understandable but having the input of someone who knows and understands the technology landscape will benefit all parties involved. Giving a home technology professional a seat at the table not only makes them the point person for upgrades and service calls, it helps ensure a collaborative process where client expectations are met, which will ultimately increase value and referrals for the builder.
What type of technology will affect builders the most in the future?
As smart home technology continues to grow, builders will be most affected by the networking infrastructure required to support the many devices that are being integrated into homes. According to CEDIA’s market intelligence report on the home technology professional in 2020, residential broadband speeds (peak and average) will continue to double roughly every 12 months, with speeds possibly reaching as high as 16 times what they are today. It is crucial for builders to keep this increasing demand top of mind as they plan for remodels and new homes to ensure that the networking infrastructure is solid as it has quickly become the backbone for all home technology.
What’s the best way for builders to work with a tech pro?
To have the most successful result, we recommend consulting with a home technology professional as early in the design and build processes as possible. Strategic planning, cost management, and team cohesion is vital to the success of any project. Collaboration is the name of the game and teamwork is a must from project inception to completion to ensure that all opportunities and issues are appropriately addressed throughout the course of a project.
This article was originally published by Builder magazine on June 15, 2016.