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Top 10 Reasons Why Community Managers Will Love LiftMaster Cloud™ 

1.      Make instant updates or credential changes on the go using any web browser.

2.      Know if there’s an issue before the residents with live monitoring of all entry points.

3.      Control every entrance around the community like the club house, gym, and parking.

4.      Manage one or hundreds of communities from a single dashboard — virtually unlimited capacity.

5.      Get alerts when suspended or inactive entry codes are being used.

6.      Create and distribute temporary guest codes for vendors and special events.

7.      No need to download databases or sync over dial-up modems.

8.      Ensure databases are never lost with backed-up storage.

9.      Schedule access to the community by person, time and location.

10.   Set multiple days, holidays and hold open schedules, including one-time and repeating exceptions.

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Whether it’s a small gated community or a larger multi-use building, communities of all sizes count on LiftMaster to provide trusted and reliable access every day. LiftMaster’s total perimeter access solutions with LiftMaster Cloud™ seamlessly work together to meet all your community’s needs.

For inquiries on LiftMaster products, please visit LiftMaster.com/Builder or email your builder representative at BuilderPrograms@LiftMaster.com.