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Firehouse Solutions

 Ignite Your Response Times

A complete LiftMaster® solution works seamlessly into your procedures to decrease your turnout times
and help prevent damage to the firehouse and rigs. Get started with a solution customized for your station.


Completely Protected. Home Or Away

Industry-leading technology helps to keep your firehouse safe, whether you’re at the station or out on a call.

myQ Smart Facility Access

When you go out on a call, the last thing you should worry about is leaving your firehouse door open. myQ Smart Facility Access provides peace of mind to open and close your doors from anywhere. You can provide credentials to multiple users, so you know who has entered or left your facility, ensuring that your firehouse and rigs stay secure.

Security+ 2.0

Provides enhanced range through radio communications and reduced interference, ensuring that the door opens and closes reliably every time.

Timer To Close

Closes the commercial door automatically after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed to secure the station after departure.

Maintenance Alert System

Reminds personnel to contact their LiftMaster Dealer for routine maintenance.


“No two calls are ever the same, but I know that our custom LiftMaster solution is helping to make every turnout safe and efficient."

Battalion Chief Jeff Marciniak
Oak Brook, IL, Fire Department

Great Teams Work Together

Our products are the only ones engineered to operate as a UL 325-certified system. Work with our team to design a complete solution specific to your station’s needs.

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Get Out The Door Safer

  1. Red/Green Traffic Light Lets you know when the door is fully open and it’s safe to exit, virtually eliminating door contact and expensive equipment damage.
  2. Light Curtains Stop the door from closing if an obstruction is detected, protecting personnel, vehicles, aerial ladders and other high-apparatus obstructions.
  3. 3-Button Station with Maintenance Alert System Allows you to open, close and stop the door quickly. An indicator light lets you know when it’s time for routine maintenance.
  4. Mushroom-Button Control Station (not pictured) A single button activates the opening of one or more commercial doors. It can be positioned anywhere in the apparatus floor, such as the entrance from the bunk room.


Complete your system with accessories that increase safety and efficiency and give you more convenient control.