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Hiring a LiftMaster Dealer

Never worked with a dealer before? No worries! We’ve got you covered.



Why Go Pro

A LiftMaster Dealer can help you install a best-in-class opener, connect you to myQ and more. You can leverage the expertise of our Dealers so you know you’re getting the right products installed the right way.

Prepare for a Dealer Visit

What to know before your Dealer calls you:

Prior to the Dealer arriving at your home, he or she may call you to come up with the best solution for your garage. Knowing what to expect in that call and understanding a few basic terms can help make the process as seamless as possible.

Questions you should consider asking:

  • How can I keep rooms near the garage quiet?
  • How can I make my garage more secure?
  • Will I be able to open my garage door if the power goes out?
  • What remote control options do I have? How many people can have a remote?
  • How can I control my opener with the Apple Home app?
  • How can I provide access for my dog walker and cleaning crew?

Questions your installer may ask:

  • Do you have an oversized or a heavy garage door?
  • How many people in your household use the garage on a daily basis? Do you have multiple vehicles coming and going?
  • Do you have bedrooms next to the garage or a guest suite above it?
  • Do you want to control your garage door opener from your smartphone?

Terms to be familiar with:

  • Belt drive openers: A steel-reinforced rubber belt provides ultra-quiet, smooth operation.
  • Chain drive openers: A heavy-duty chain provides durable, dependable operation.
  • Horsepower: More horsepower puts less stress on the opener over time.


Get ready for the installation

Congratulations! You found a trusted LiftMaster Dealer and selected your opener. A few simple steps will ensure your installation goes smoothly.

  1. Move cars and other large items in the garage out of the way ahead of time.
  2. Make sure there’s nothing stored overhead that could obstruct the working area.
  3. Keep children and pets at a safe distance when the installer arrives.

Shop Openers

Which opener is right for me?

We have garage door openers with features such as smartphone control, ultra-bright LED lighting, Battery Backup, auto-locking deadbolt, belt drive, chain drive, and even wall mounted garage door openers.

Not sure which opener is right for you?

The Garage Door Opener Selector Tool can help you choose!

Garage Door Selector Tool

Hiring a Dealer FAQ
Who installs garage door openers? Faq arrow

We recommend that garage door openers be installed by a Certified LiftMaster Dealer to ensure that the operator and opener are safe and working properly.

Can I install my own garage door opener? Faq arrow

We recommend that you allow a Certified LiftMaster Dealer to install the garage door opener. This will ensure that the operator and opener are safe and working properly.

Why choose a Certified LiftMaster Garage Door Installer? Faq arrow

It’s important that the entire garage entry system is inspected and installed by an expert to ensure proper safety and operation.