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Minikey Access Control System

  • Self-contained keypad system for door and gated entrances.
  • Stand-Alone Access System.
  • Compact For Easy Installation.



Easy to Use and See

Recessed Side-Lit Metal Keypad.

Increased Convenience

With Codes That Can Be Programmed Using 4 Or 5 Digits And Activate One Or Both Relays.

Time Saving

Stores Database Information in Memory when the Power Goes Out, Ensuring Immediate Startup and Operation When Power is Restored.

Greater Control

With Two Relays That Can Be Controlled Individually Or Together.

Reliable and Secure

Designed to Withstand Outdoor Environments

Well-Crafted Weather-Resistant Design is Highly Vandal-Resistant.

Protects from Unwanted Entry

By Disabling Keypad For 3 Minutes If An Unauthorized User Has Attempted Too Many Incorrect Entry Codes.

Additional Protection

System Can Be Programmed To Permit 1 - 10 Attempts Prior To Engaging Lockout.