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The Smart Video
Intercom – S


Security Designed for You

Now your property can work more efficiently while increasing security with the Smart Video Intercom-S. Think of how much time you’ll save by not handing out keys and fobs. Forget driving to the property at 2:00 a.m. to let in a locked-out resident. The Smart Video Intercom-S, powered by myQ, gives residents from Lincoln Park to Logan Square the ability to use their smartphones for ultra-secure keyless entry — a convenience they’ll pay up to $30 a month more to get.

It Pays You Back Right Away!

Costs Avoided

Costs Avoided

Average cost to change a lock
= $200*

Monthly transportation cost
to address issues
= $100*

Cost of unrecorded damages
= $1,000+*

*Costs vary

Efficiencies Gained

Efficiencies Gained

Control resident access from the software platform instead of distributing and collecting keys

Manage your property remotely so you don’t have to wake up at 2 a.m. to let in a locked-out resident

Decrease liabilities with video clips of who is entering the property

Profits Earned

Profits Earned

Smart amenities can drive an extra $30 monthly per resident

You can write-off up to 80% of the cost of a video intercom in the year you buy it

A smart entry system can help you automate showings, minimizing time between tenants

Manage Your Property Like a Pro

Take charge of who can access your building—from anywhere. Grant entry even when you are offsite from the convenience of your myQ Community dashboard.

Big Things Come in Small Packages

Big Things Come in Small Packages

Perfect for smaller buildings but packed with big time features that allow residents to use their myQ Community app to see and talk with their visitors before unlocking the entrance.

See Who’s There,
Know What’s Happening

With a 135° wide-angle camera, you’ll see who wants to enter. Plus, you will receive access notifications and event recordings to help you keep tabs on who’s coming and going.

Seeing is Believing
Got Deliveries? Of Course, You Do

Got Deliveries? Of Course, You Do

The myQ Community app allows residents to remotely manage deliveries from pizza to Pad Thai. They can set up recurring passes for family, friends, and regularly-scheduled people like the cleaner or the dog walker.

If Your Chicago Property 
Looks Like This…

A Smart Intercom-S 
Will Help Keep It Secure

Helpful Resident Features

Video Calling

See who wants to come in before you say, well, come in. With the myQ Community app, residents can see the person outside via one-way video and talk with them via two-way audio.

Press to Unlock

Simply press the icon on your smartphone screen to open the door remotely. This feature is perfect when you are juggling groceries or need to let a friend into the building.

“Hey Siri”

Use the myQ Community app to ask Siri to open the door to your parking garage as you approach. Coming and going just got a lot simpler and safer.

Smart Management Features

Control Resident Access

Moving in and out? Add and delete residents from your myQ Community platform so you never have to manage building keys.

Custom Notifications

Customize myQ Community access event notifications, choosing what you want to see, whether it’s door ajar, an expired access code, or something else.

See Who Wants In

See what’s happening outside your entrance no matter where you are. Keep your property safe and secure with myQ Community software.

Integrated 135⁰ wide angle camera provides an expansive view with 1080p high-definition resolution


Durable, scratch resistant 5-inch color touchscreen with picture-in-picture


Built-in speakers provide digital call quality so you can clearly hear who is outside

Understand Everything That's Happening. In Real-Time.

The myQ Community App
Makes Life Easier

Stop assigning keys or fobs. With the myQ Community app residents can use their smartphone as an ultra-secure buidling key. Plus, residents can see guests outside before letting them enter the building. The myQ Community app makes your property more secure and offers your residents a modern amenity they desire.