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Commercial Receiver

  • High-Capacity Gate and Commercial Door Operator Access Control.
  • Holds Up To 1,000 Remote Controls.
  • Never Lose Your Data, Removable Backup Memory Module.
  • Delete Single Remote Control - Easy to Add, Block and Delete Individual Remotes.
  • Functions As A Stand-Alone Controller.



Easy to Program

Using The LCD Programming Display.

Time Saving

Allows you to block learn  Passport Lite Remote Controls (10 or 100) a box at a Time.

Greater Control

Temporarily suspend users without deleting their Remote Control from memory.

Increased Convenience

Ability to re-use the memory slot when you delete a Single Remote Control. 

Safeguards access to property with an encrypted signal to offer extended range with Security+2.0

Security+2.0 Receiver featuring Narrowband technology and Secure Encryption.

Reliable and Secure

Designed For Outdoor Environments

With reliable IP44 rated housing.

Never Lose your Programmed Receiver Settings

And easily update a new Radio using the removable backup memory module. Also ideal for copying into a second receiver for another access point.