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What Is UL 325?

UL 325 is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard for Door and Gate Operators, as well as other products—to which, LiftMaster® products are tested. Since 2010 all commercial door operators bearing the UL Label must continuously monitor safety devices such as photo eyes and/or sensing edges, otherwise the operator must be limited to constant-pressure-to-close operation. Since 2000, external entrapment protection devices must be added to gate operators to meet these standards. Gate operator designs will be additionally required to continuously monitor entrapment protection devices by January 2016. Your installer will recommend correct equipment based on your system. Manufacturers of Listed and Labeled operators are subject to quarterly inspections at their manufacturing facility by UL or ETL inspectors to ensure that the operators being manufactured are in compliance.

How We Keep You Safe


Built To UL 325 Standards

To ensure the safety of your employees and property, all our Commercial Door and Gate Operators meet the UL 325 standard for safety.

Safety Eyes & Entrapment Protection Devices

Safety Eyes & Entrapment Protection Devices

All our Commercial Door and Gate Operators come equipped with the safety inputs to add the proper safety devices, but it is up to your installer to add the right entrapment protection for you.

Professional Installation

Professional Installation

Our Authorized Dealers are trained to properly install our equipment, assuring you know it will safely work how it should, when it should.

Commercial Door and Gate Safety Tips

Keep Your Distance

Make sure to clearly post warning signs on both sides of the gate and stay clear of the gate when its closing to prevent any injury or damage to vehicles.

Keep Out of Reach

Don’t reach through a gate to operate its controls. To help prevent this, make sure the controls are at least 6’ away from the gate.

Proper Equipment

Check to make sure you have properly installed safety devices like photo eyes or reversing edges at each entrapment point.

Separate Pedestrians and Vehicles

Have a separate pedestrian access point so people do not have cross the path of a moving gate.

If you have questions about the safety of your gate, please refer to the DASMA gate operator safety brochure or call your local LiftMaster Dealer for more information

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