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HomeLink Garage Door Opener

What is HomeLink?

HomeLink is the world's most widely trusted and used wireless system that allows you to control your garage door or gate from within your vehicle so you never have to search for the remote control again. Compatible with most garage door openers and gates, Homelink allows control with three buttons that are smartly integrated into your vehicle's interior.

Easy to Program

HomeLink offers easy programming with its built-in Quicktrain technology (select vehicles only). Programming is simple even if your vehicles does not support Quicktrain technology.
Easy Access
Easy to Access

HomeLink offers easy-to-access information so you will never be left wondering how to connect HomeLink to your vehicle or other accessories.

HomeLink works with nearly all garage door openers and gate systems.

HomeLink is powered by your automobile's electrical system; it never needs batteries.

HomeLink is always in the same place, ready to respond to your command. No more searching for the garage door remote control.

HomeLink controls garage door openers, property gates, alarm systems and more!

Locating Homelink in Your Automobile

It is easy to identify if you have HomeLink built into your automobile’s interior. There are three ways HomeLink is integrated into your vehicle mirror, module or visor.

HomeLink Built-in Mirror
HomeLink Built-In Mirror
HomeLink Visor
HomeLink Visor
HomeLink Module
HomeLink Module

Get Your Car and Home Connected with HomeLink and LiftMaster Products


HomeLink offers great options that integrate with your LiftMaster products - seamlessly and conveniently. Use HomeLink to control your LiftMaster Garage Door Openers and Gate Operators. As technology quickly advances, we often need to connect to existing devices still in use. Some HomeLink equipped cars need a technology bridge to properly program the HomeLink system to our full line of products. You may need a Compatibility Bridge to connect HomeLink to some of these products.

Bridge Information

Watch the new HomeLink 5 animations:

HomeLink Training Video

HomeLink Training Video

Homelink Canadian Programming

Homelink Canadian Programming

Two-Way Communication

Two-Way Communication

Training Your Gate

Training Your Gate


Please note that Car2U is a competitive product to HomeLink and is not compatible with LiftMaster products without a repeater. This product can be identified and differentiated from HomeLink with its three LEDs. Please contact LearCar2U for further details or purchase Here.

For support contact Lear at 1-248-896-8544 or visit LearCar2U.

You can also contact LiftMaster consumer support at 800-528-9131.