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LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 Garage Door Openers & HomeLink

If you are having trouble programming your HomeLink-equipped vehicle to your new LiftMaster garage door opener or gate operator, you may need an upgrade because we have a new radio. Read below for more information.

The New Security+ 2.0 LiftMaster Radio in LiftMaster's New Garage Door Openers & Gate Operators

In 2011, LiftMaster released Security+ 2.0, a new version of our remote control radio code. Security+ 2.0 increases radio range and virtually eliminates interference under most conditions. Most older vehicles will not communicate directly with the radio, and will require a "Repeater Kit" to upgrade the in-vehicle remote system to be compatible with this improved radio system.

One repeater can control multiple cars and openers; if all vehicles in the garage are HomeLink only one HomeLink repeater is needed. If all vehicles are Car2U, only one Car2U repeater is needed. Both repeaters are required if different vehicles sharing the same garage have systems made by both interior suppliers. Consult your vehicle owners' manual if you are unsure of the system installed in your vehicle.

HomeLink Repeater Kit

HomeLink is available in many brands of vehicles, and is identified by a single red LED and 3 buttons; some models may have a "house" image on the panel. On mirror applications, the house may be absent but there is still just one LED. Most older vehicles and select newer models will need a repeater to upgrade the vehicle to be compatible with the new Security+ 2.0® radio code. Gentex Corporation has a website to determine vehicle compatibility; go to and follow the steps to program a vehicle to see if you need the kit.

Sample HomeLink in-vehicle system

Sample HomeLink in-vehicle system

Programming HomeLink-equipped Vehicles to Older LiftMaster Garage Door Openers & Gate Operators

To program older LiftMaster garage door openers (manufactured prior to 2011) to your HomeLink-equipped vehicle, visit and follow the instructions.

Sample Car2U in-vehicle system

Sample Car2U in-vehicle system

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