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Mini Universal Remote Control

Mini Universal Garage Door Opener
Mini Universal Garage Door Opener

Most people use their garage

to enter and leave their houses

much more often than the front door.

 Our new Mini Universal Remote makes it easy to get in and out—it can fit in a pocket or clip to a backpack, and will work with most garage door openers. 
It’s the new key to your house.




Giving Access to Someone You Trust

Let a nanny, neighbor or friend access the home without giving out a garage key code or house key.


Biking, Walking the Dog or
Taking a Spin on Your Motorcycle

Easily clip it to a backpack, water bottle or leash during quick trips out of the house.


Letting the Kids in After School

Ensure that kids get inside safely when no one’s home — they can attach it to their backpacks or a key chain.

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