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Additional Door Sensor for Smart Garage™ Control, myQ® Smart Garage™ Hub and myQ Garage®

  • Add control of your second garage door opener to Smart Garage™ Control, myQ® Smart Garage™ Hub or myQ Garage®.
  • Secure, control and monitor your second garage door through the myQ app.
  • Easy installation and programming.


Home Connectivity with myQ

Connect a second opener to myQ

Compatible with Smart Garage Control, Smart Garage Hub and myQ Garage. Check status and control two garage doors with the myQ app.


IMPORTANT: Requires purchase of the Smart Garage Control (Models: 821LMC and MYQ-G0401), or Smart Garage Hub 1st generation (Models: 821LM & MYQ-G0201) and 2nd generation (Models: 821LMB & MYQ-G0301). Each sold separately. Each Hub can control up to two garage door openers.